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In the book Nearfall there is this kid named Matt. He is getting picked on by a kid named TJ. TJ is a grade higher than Matt, so Matt tries to defend himself but it doesn’t work. Matt has an older brother named Mike and he wrestles. So Matt ask his brother if he can teach him to wrestle and Mike said “yes”.

In The Reading Workshop our teacher told us to comment on this question:What can you do about a bully? If you know of what to do about a bully comment on this post and tell what you would do about the problem.

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Saturday School

Today we have school. On Saturday school we get out early. I wish I wasn’t here. Though I have to be here so I’ve got work to do and man I wish I wasn’t here. If you’re reading this post and you don’t have school on Saturday then this is unfair.

I could be home right now but we had school. I could be playing a video game or riding a bike. I wish I was home. Only if this day was the last of school. Please take me HOME!!

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I think that Sportsmanship means to help or to be helped. In my classroom I sometimes help to proof read a post on some ones blog and they help me to. When I sometimes see someone just sitting at a desk doing nothing I go up to them and ask if they need help. Sometimes they come to me.

Sportsmanship makes me feel different. When I see somebody struggling I get up and ask if they need help and if they say no I leave them alone. I help out all my teachers. Like when I sometimes have to run an errand for them.

In sports I see some of my friends help other kids up from when they get knocked down. They also help other kids if they don’t get what the coach means. Even I sometimes don’t know what to do.

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In The Reading Workshop I have started a new book called Nearfall by Joe Reasbeck. Joe was a wrestler and he trained for the Olympics. When I grow up I want to train for the Olympics and get the gold medal. I’m in 6th grade and I hope that I can achieve my goals.

In the book Nearfall it has two main characters. The characters are Matt and Mike. They both are brothers. They both face different choices that they have to make. Matt’s choice is that a bully picks on him and he’s one of the most popular kids at his school. So the bully picks a fight with him and Matt loses the fight.

Mike’s choice is that his best friend is smoking marijuana with another kid just to meet a girl. But Mike says no even though he likes one of the girls there. So he goes to wrestling practice.

I hope that I get to train with the Olympics. That’s my goal for now. I hope that other people achieve their goals too. This book sets everything up for the series. I hope you read this book because it talks about what’s right and what’s wrong.

I wrote this post because this book inspired me. I thought this book was just about nearfalls, but I was wrong. It’s about two brothers that try to do the right thing.

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Today I watched a video in the Reading Workshop. The video was about, an act of kindness. The video showed people being helpful. Every time I go to New Jersey or somewhere else I see an act of kindness. I see people help them to get on their feet and people doing things for other people.

I see my friends help kids everyday. I see them help kids read with them, I see they teach them how to do a question and help little kids by telling them what’s right and what’s wrong.For example: my friend Josh help other kids with Study Island like when they don’t understand the question.

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Hatshepsut Information

Hatshepsut (Pharaoh of Egypt) expanded trade routes and Egypt’s economy grew much greatly during her rule. She was the first female pharaoh, ruling in place of her 10-year-old step son. She sent trade ships down to Punt to trade for leopard skins, red woods, greyhounds, cheetahs, gold, ivory (elephant tusk), and ostrich feathers.

Hatshepsut was the fifth Pharaoh of the18th-dynasty who was one of the handful of female rulers in Ancient Egypt. Her reign was the longest of all the female pharaohs. Her funerary temple still stands as a tribute to her incredible rise to power.

Hatshepsut belonged to the Nile River civilization. Hatshepsut was a princess and the wife of a Pharaoh. She took the throne when her husband died. Her young step son was so posed to take the throne but she pro claimed that the ten-year old boy was to young to rule Egypt on his own.

Hatshepsut built an enormous tomb. It’s filled with jewels, animals, and statue Gods that Egyptians worshiped. Her tomb is located in the Valley of the Kings (in Egypt). Her tomb was carved out of a stone mountain. Soon after she died her step son reclaimed the throne.

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What would you like to Achieve

Comment on this post and tell me what you want to achieve.

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What my Mom wants me to achieve in life

Lisa Deluse said…

After reading the poem, one can conclude that life’s journey will not always be an easy one. Events will happen,some of them will make you happy and some will not. That’s life. You will be called upon to make different choices every day. It may be something small; like what to wear, or something big; like standing up for what you believe in. We could tell you that good choices can make life easier in the long run, but let’s face it, we are all human, and some choices we make may not be the right ones. What is important is that we learn from our choices. Learn what works for us as individuals. As parents, we would love to shield you from any future “hurts”, but we can’t! These things help mold you as a person and hopefully will make you stronger. The thing to remember is you will experience a lot of different types of things and emotions over these next years. Please don’t sweat the small stuff. Maybe you won’t make a team that you try out for, a girlfriend breaks up with you, a friend disappoints you, or a class is too difficult — this is not the end of the world; just a small fraction of your life. You will get past them. Eric, you are a great kid with a wonderful heart. We see your compassion for others as one of your greatest assets. Follow your instincts. We see your life as half full right now because you have accomplished so much in your young life and have so much more to do and offer. We love the way you go into a situation with a positive and usually joyful attitude. Realize that things happen for a reason and move on. We hope you work hard and continue to strive for a work ethic you can be proud of. Right now your job is to do well in school, next will be college. Education and faith are your stepping stones to a happy and successful future. We wish for you a career that brings you personal and financial fulfillment. Nobody has said that life would be easy and sacrifices will have to be made. Just keep in mind that you need to stay focused. We want you to be able to look back and be proud of the choices you have made. You know, we have all looked forward to our teen years and to having a good time. That is all well and good, you deserve to have a good time. Just make sure that what you choose to do reflects back to you in a good way. A good reputation is something that you earn and that people remember.
We would love to see Eric do some traveling before settling down and starting a family. It would be great for you to see more of the world and the people in it. Above all, we wish for you to have a happy and healthy life. We hope that our strong family ties help give you the confidence to be true to yourself and to grow into a strong and caring man.

January 27, 2010 12:42 PM

This what I want to achieve in life.

I believe that I will accomplish what I’m working for and get a good education and a good job.
I would like to continue my journey in football and wrestling. I would most likely want to be a world Olympic wrestler.

What my Mom wrote was what she would like to see me do good things and it felt heart warming and I thought that she spoke from the heart and it touched mine.

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Lauleville Poem

Go to

This post will be deleted if PUGS are not corrected. Did you know the name of our school is Laurelville?

Laurelville is a town

but sometimes it makes me frown

It has its own school

but when I’m there it feels like I’m in a dual

My friends are nice

although it feels like were trapped like mice

They’re  lots of tests

although the teachers say we’re pests.

I got the picture from   You must put the entire URL if you are going to use a picture.

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The Book called Warriors

This post is not the assignment. This is a retelling, which you were specifically told not to write. You must follow directions.

My book is called Warriors. In this book there are three main characters. Their names are Graypaw, Ravenpaw, and Firepaw. The three characters are friends and they all are apprentices. They all have mentors. Their names are Bluestar, Tigerclaw, and Lionheart. All of those cats are in the clan called Thunderclan.

The three apprentices are almost becoming warriors. the problem in the book is the clan called Shadowclan. Thunderclan is trying to defend their territory and their clan. Shadowclan is trying to take Thunderclans hunting ground because Shadowclan has to many cats in their clan.

Shadowclan is fighting Thunder clan for their hunting grounds but Thunderclan is a strong clan and so Thunder clan won the battle. Some of the Thunderclan cats are thinking how they could have known that the Thunderclan was weak at the time. Thats all I’m going to say about the story. Who ever reads this post make sure you read this book because it’s very interesting and it’s action packed and a fierce book.

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